Cahir Castle

Once the stronghold of the powerful Butler family, the castle retains its impressive keep, tower and much of its original defensive structure. It is one of Ireland's largest and best-preserved castles. It is situated on a rocky island on the River Suir. Granted to the powerful Butler family in the late 14th century, the castle was enlarged and remodelled between the 15th and 17th centuries. It fell into ruin in the late 18th century and was partially restored in the 1840s. The Great Hall was then partly rebuilt in 1840.

Of late, the scenic castle, now labelled a National Monument, has been used as a location for production in movies like Excalibur and TV shows like The Tudors. The castle's attractions for visitors include an excellent audio-visual show which informs guests about the rich history of the castle.

For more information on the castle visit the Heritage Ireland website here