Golf Course Guidelines

At Ballykisteen Golf Club

Appropriate Dress

The Committee of Ballykisteen Golf Club are anxious that standards of dress are maintained at a high level, particularly in the club house, on the course and practice areas. To this end the committee seeks the full co-operation of all members and their guests to ensure that appropriate dress is worn at all times.

Please note that members have responsibility to ensure that their guests adhere to the dress code regulations while in the club house or on the course.

The Following Items are Unacceptable:

Denim Jeans/Jackets (not acceptable on course)
Untailored Shorts
Trainers/Running Shoes
Collarless and Sleeveless Shirts
Tee Shirts
Football and Rugby Jerseys
Trousers must not be tucked into socks

The Committee has been asked to draw these regulations to the attention of those persons who are unsuitably dressed. It is expected that the implementation of this code will be effected with courtesy and common sense.

Course Etiquette

Replace Divots on the fairways.
Repair Pitchmarks on the greens.
Rake Bunkers at all times.
Do not mark cards around green - mark them on the next tee box.
Caddycars/buggies must be kept well away from tees, greens and bunkers.
Players searching for a ball should signal to let players through as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not be easily found.
They should not continue play until the players have passed and are out of range.
Slow play is not acceptable. Keep up with the players in front, not ahead of those behind. The committee will, if necessary, contact or write to constant offenders.
It is mandatory to let the following group play through if you have lost a hole on the group ahead.
Members should politely bring to players attention their slow play and encourage them to speed up.
Mobile phones are not permitted on the course under any circumstances.